Michigan Net Zero Homes

Net Zero Homes for Sale

Starting in 2023

PHIUS Zero Certified

Greenstar Certified

Low Embodied Carbon Design

Business Vision

Envision a transformation of the residential construction industry that parallels the transformation underway in transportation.

Your home's design is a key to living a net zero life.

Everything in the home is electrified; combustion is eliminated.

Home and transportation footprints are reduced to net zero.

Educational resources are provided to help you eliminate your entire carbon footprint including impacts of food and products we buy.

Values that guide design decisions include simplicity (lagom), durability, health (exceptional indoor environmental quality), respect for place, walkable neighborhood development, and concern for environmental justice .

The business has healthy partnerships with architects, builders, manufacturers and distributors, non-profits, utilities, and government entities.  We work together to lead communities to net zero (or negative) carbon footprint.  We address both operational and embodied carbon.

Personal Mission

Dale Hulst

Owner / Designer

I learn and create in order to help others live sustainably.  I draw on 30 years of experience in commercial HVAC engineering and business leadership, as well as a few years of entrepreneurial experience in custom home building when I was younger.  

More recently, I have been learning from the GreenHome Institute and the Build Show Network.  Following early retirement from an HVAC plant manager role in 2021, I studied to become a Certified Passive House Consultant.  I am working out next steps, which have including buying an empty lot in the city where I'm gearing up to build a certified net zero single family home for sale in 2023.  I am re-acquiring my builder's license.  

My general goal is to network with architects, builders, and skilled trades in order to rapidly transition the construction industry to net zero.  I am learning to use Chief Architect CAD software to design homes and document critical Passive House details.  I'm learning SketchUp and WUFI to do the energy modeling required for Passive House certification.  I model rooftop PV in SolarEdge Designer.

I'm also open to collaborating with developers and architects to design multi-family Passive House projects.  I aim to be ready to help with energy modeling and HVAC layout by 2023Q4, after I have some more experience with WUFI and PH certification on my own project.  Note that it is critical to have a CPHC like myself on the design team from the start for successful certification as a PHIUS Zero project.