Deep Dive on Phius (for Professionals)

Hi, Dale here.  It’s been a couple of months; welcome back again! This post is aimed at those of you who are architects, builders, and skilled tradespersons.  We’ll take a deep dive into Phius certifications (Passive House Institute US) with a focus on single family homes.  (Phius standards can be applied to multifamily and commercial […]

Net Zero 101 Handout

I am a member of both the GreenHome Institute and the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association. They along with three other organizations planned a lunch and learn for Michigan legislators on October 19, 2023. I helped out by writing at “Net Zero 101” handout for the event which you can download here. Enjoy!

Our Values: Sustainability

Our fourth and final design value is sustainability. MiNet0 houses are designed to be the most comprehensively net zero on the market.

Our Values: Innovation

Our third value is innovation.  MiNet0 houses will be build with cutting-edge energy systems and building science.

Our Values: Lagom

Our second value is lagom, a Swedish word that is unfamiliar to many of us.  It means “just the right amount.”

Our Values: Quality

Our first value is quality.  By quality we mean the house is built to last and built for health.

Mi Net Zero: Our Mission

We want to be transparent about what Michigan Net Zero homes is aiming to do and share a little about how we intend to operate.

Introducing Myself

I’ve been around construction for over 40 years, 30 of those in commercial HVAC where I served as an engineer, project manager, and business leader. Learn more about me in this post.