Our Values: Sustainability

Our fourth and final design value is sustainability. MiNet0 houses are designed to be the most comprehensively net zero on the market.

Our Values: Innovation

Our third value is innovation.  MiNet0 houses will be build with cutting-edge energy systems and building science.

Our Values: Lagom

Our second value is lagom, a Swedish word that is unfamiliar to many of us.  It means “just the right amount.”

Our Values: Quality

Our first value is quality.  By quality we mean the house is built to last and built for health.

Mi Net Zero: Our Mission

We want to be transparent about what Michigan Net Zero homes is aiming to do and share a little about how we intend to operate.

Introducing Myself

I’ve been around construction for over 40 years, 30 of those in commercial HVAC where I served as an engineer, project manager, and business leader. Learn more about me in this post.

Why Net Zero?!

As global leaders and scientists have searched for solutions, the overall goal of net zero carbon emissions has emerged.   


Discover two introductory videos that explain the why, what, and how of net zero living.